Anja Viendahl Olsen


Curriculum vitae Anja Olsen

Date of birth: 17 June 1974

2004: Ph.D. thesis, Diet and estrogen in relation to estrogen receptor specific breast cancer among postmenopausal women. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
2000: MSc in Human Nutrition, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University.

Scientific employments
2019-: Evaluation for a 20% professorship within the field of “Diet, lifestyle, genetic susceptibility and health” in process at the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University.
2011-: Senior Researcher, Head of “Nutrition and Biomarker” group, Danish Cancer Society Research Center.
2007 – 2012: Project Office Manager for the Nordic Center of Excellence HELGA: Nordic Health – Whole Grain Food (
2004 – 2011: Post doc researcher at Institute of Cancer Epidemiology.
2001 – 2004: PhD student at Institute of Cancer Epidemiology / University of Copenhagen.
2000 – 2001: Research assistant at Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society.

Research management
2018: Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Introduction to University Pedagogy.
2013-2018: PI of the Strategic Research Project: ELIN: The effects of enterolignans in chronic disease.
2014: Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Research Management Course.

Scientific Tutor Experience
Pregraduate 14 Master students
Postgraduate12 PhD students
3 Post docs

21,368,826 DKK in total, 2006-2019

Junior Cancer Resarch Prize (Danish Cancer Society 2013)

Expert groups
National Food Institute. Vitamin D: Update on the scientific evidence regarding prevention and recommendations (2009-2010).

•Numerous scientific presentations at national and international conferences
•Popular presentations: >300 lectures for cancer patients, dieticians and companies on diet and cancer
•Frequently in contact with media
•Peer-reviews for numerous international journals

Peer-reviewed publications: 360 (2003-2019)
h-index per 09/2019: 68
Sum of times cited:15,904