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Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

PhD, Postdoc

Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

My academic interests are Nordic cooperation, the history of public diplomacy, cultural internationalism and nation branding, European integration, transport and communications history, global and transnational history.

This academic year (20/21), I'll teach an annual winter school in transatlantic relations for undergraduate students at Sciences Po Paris and the MA-course "Scandinavia in the World” for students in the Global and International History programme at Aarhus University.

Current work:

(1) My post.doc is part of the the research project “Nordic model(s) in the global circulation of ideas, 1970-2020”, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, at Aarhus University. My research within this project focuses on the conceptual history and usages of Nordic models in the Francophone space. Research outputs to the project include

  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes and Carl Marklund, “Sweden Goes Global: Francophonie, Palme, and the North- South Dialogue during the Cold War”, Histoire@Politique. Politique, société, culture, n 35, 2018
  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “Tracing the Nordic model. French creations, Swedish appropriations and Nordic articulations”, in Haldor Byrkjeflot, Mads Mordhorst, Lars Mjøset and Klaus Pedersen (eds), The Making and Circulation of Nordic Models, Ideals and Images, Routledge: London, 2020 (accepted/in press)

(2) I co-edit a special issue of the journal Culture Unbound, together with Ada Nissen (University of Oslo), Haakon Ikonomou (Copenhagen University) and Carl Marklund (Södertörn University), on “Nordic Nineties: cultural reorientation and identity formation in the Nordic region during the transformative 1990s”, which proposes a collective reflection on the new international roles and relationships of the Scandinavian countries in a decade marked by Europeanisation and globalisation. 

(3) I am co-organiser of the NOS-HS project "Scandinavian Internationalist Diplomacy, 1920s-1960s", and will organise the workshop "Scandinavian Public Diplomacy Beyond State Actors" at Södertörn University in February 2021. My first research contribution to the project was recently published in the Nordic Journal of Education History as "Pilgrims and Missionaries of Social Peace: Geneva and Pontigny as Sites of Scandinavian Internationalism in Late Interwar Europe”.

(4) I prepare the manuscript of my PhD dissertation Fabricating Sweden. Studies of Swedish public diplomacy in France from the 1930s to the 1990s for publication as a monograph. A review of the dissertation can be read in Historisk tidsskrift 2020:4. The thesis (Sciences Po Paris and University of Oslo, 2019) analysed Swedish public diplomacy in France as an histoire croisée of French political interest in Swedish social democracy and Swedish state-business attempts at projecting national images of Sweden in Paris. The thesis combined a large number of printed and digitised written sources with French and Swedish primary sources and visual material to identify how Sweden came to define perceptions of the whole region of Scandinavia in France from the interwar period and onwards. The country was significantly similary, yet adequately exotic to serve a particular rhetorical function in French political debates. Meanwhile, Paris served as a place for experimenting and fabricating new identities and narratives in Swedish public national identity politics. This "thick description" of the productive sequences of political, cultural and mediatic modellisation of Scandinavia in France adds considerably to our understanding of not only how images of Sweden have been used in overseas circulation of ideas but also the effects of the European discourses on Swedish national projections. The thesis is being developed into a monograph, but it has also spun off into separate publications including:

  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “Culture et information. Le Centre culturel suédois et sa creation”, in Sylvain Briens and Mickaëlle Cedergren (eds), Médiations interculturelles entre la France et la Suède: Trajectoires et circulations de 1945 à nos jours, Stockholm University Press: Stockholm, 2015
  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, “’New Gustavians’. Sweden, Europe and the return of the 18th century during the 1990s crisis”, Culture Unbound, 2020 (forthcoming)

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