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Andreas Hänsel


Profile photoAndreas Hänsel
Department of Engineering - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Edison
Postal address:
Finlandsgade 22
8200 Aarhus N
Building 5125 - Room 201B
Email: a.hansel@eng.au.dk


2012-2017Ph.D in Physics at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. - Experimental work on frequency comb spectroscopy for long distance measurements. An absorption measurement of the medium travelled through is expected to reveal its temperature and improve the accuracy of the distance measurement. The experiments have been conducted in a laboratory in TU Delft. For additional experiments the light has been guided out of the lab using fiber systems. Initial test setups were expanded for spectroscopic measurements. - Designing and testing of integrated optical laser sources in collaboration with TU Eindhoven for the 1.55 um wavelength range, as well as for 2 um. Applicability for gas sensing have been shown in the publications. Measurements were done in TU Eindhoven as well as in Delft. We utilised absorption lines of acetylene, CO2, and NH3. - Assisting in undergraduate courses and supervising Master and Bachelor students.
2006-2011Diplom Physiker (M.Sc. in Physics) at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany. - Specialisation in optics (optical sensing, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, fiber optics) and theoretical physics (relativistic physics, quantum physics, numerics). - Additional courses in solid state physics, electronics and chemistry. - Title of Master thesis: "Effekte der Selbstphasenmodulation in plasmonischen Wellenleitern" (Effects of selfphase modulation in plasmonic waveguides) (graded 1.0 – German System). The work consisted of simulations and analytical solutions studying nonlinear effects in plasmonic systems and the possibility of creating all-optical switches. - Total grade: 1.4 (German system)
1997-2005Abitur (German High-School degree) at Buchenberg-Gymnasium Erfurt, Germany. - Specialisation in Physics and Mathematics. - Total grade: 1.9 (German system).

Work Experience

2017-PostDoc. at Aarhus University - Exploring the feasibility of gas sensors from Photonic Integrated Circuits for industrial applications. Those devices are expected to improve stability and have a lower price conventional gas sensors without compromising sensitivity and selectivity.
2011-2012Research assistant at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany - Simulating and calculating properties of nonlinear plasmonic resonators (double resonant structures for SHG in LiNbO3 plasmonic waveguides). - Preparatory work for Ph.D research projects and assistance in solving upcoming problems. - Writing a manuscript for publication

Language Skills

German - Native speaker in writing and speaking
English - Proficient in writing and speaking
Dutch - Advanced in writing and speaking


Operating Systems - Linux; Excellent. Windows; Very Good
MatLab; VProgramming/Software/Design - MatLab; Very Good. Mathematica; Very Good. COMSOL; Good. Phoenix Mask Designer; Good. LabView; Average.OriginLabs; Good. C; Averageery Good. Mathematica; Very Good. COMSOL; Good. Phoenix Mask Designer; Good. LabView; Average.OriginLabs; Good. C; Average
Equipment/Hardware/Tools - Femtosecond lasres; Very Good.On-chip lasers; Good
Others - LaTeX; Excellent