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Anders-Christian Jacobsen


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information 
1963Born the 27th of March in Gøttrup, Hanherred.
 Education and Credentials 
2018Individual training in research strategy, Mobilize Strategy Consulting.
2015Higher doctoral degree (Origen's Christology).
2011 - 2012Research management Course CBS-SIME Executive.
1999 - 2000Course for assistent professors in university pedagogics.
1998PhD in Theology (Anthroppology and Eschatology in Irenaeus and Origen).
1995Completed course of Pastoral Theology, The Pastoral Seminar in Aarhus.
1995MA in Theology at University of Aarhus.
1995Awarded gold medal for the master thesis at University of Aarhus.
1986Higher Preparatory Examination, Aalborg Katedralskole.
 Employment History 
2014 -Professor (mso) in Systematic Theology, Arts, Aarhus Universitet.
2004 - 2014Associate professor in Systematic Theology, Aarhus Universitet.
2001 - 2004Postdoctoral scholarship from the Carlsbergfoundation.
1998 - 2001Associate professor in Systematic Theology, Aarhus Universitet.
1995 - 1998PhD Scholarship at the Faculty of Theology, University of Aarhus.
 Research periods abroad 
2014Visiting researcher at the Centre for the Study of Christianity, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2011 (1st of April - 30th of June)Visiting professor at the Faculty of Theology, Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg.
2008Bologna (1½ month). Fellow at Instituto di Studi Avanzati (ISA), university of Bologna.
2003Postdoctoral studies at the Department of Classical Philology, University of Pisa (1 month).
1997 - 1997PhD-studies, Faculty of Theology, Phillips-Universitát in Marburg (6 months).
Research Management and Administrative Positions 

1st of January 2016 - 31st of December 2019

Leader of the EU-funded (3,8 mill. Euro) Marie Curie ITN-network: The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western civilization (http://itn-humanfreedom.eu/).
2012 - 2015Leader of the research programme The Ancient World at Department of Culture and Society.
2012 - 2015Member of the research committee at Department of Culture and Society.
1st of February 2010 - 2012Leader of the interdisciplinary and international research centre Center for the Study of Antiquity and Christianity (C-SAC), Aarhus University. Since 2012 ordinary member of the center.
1st of February 2010 - 2014PI of the research project funded by the Velux Foundation The transformation of religious identity in the Hellenistic-Roman world 100-600 AD. The significance of conversion and initiation to the formation of religious identity.
2005 - 2009Coordinator of the research programme Religion and Normativity. The Discursive Fight over Religious Texts in Antiquity.
2005 - 2010Member of the board of the PhD School at the Faculty of Theology, Aarhus University.
2002 - 2005Coordinator of the reseach project Jews, Christians and Pagans in Antiguity - Critique and Apologetics.
International positions of trust
2019Associate researcherat Origenes Forschungsstelle at the University of Münster. (https://www.uni-muenster.de/FB2/origenes/index.html)
2019Member of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism (https://www.platonism.divinity.cam.ac.uk/directory)
2019External advisor for the PhD programme in theology and Patristics at Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Argentina.
2017Honorary Professor at Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Argentina.
2015 -Member of the executive committee for the International Association of Patristic Studies (IAPS).
2013 -Member of the advisory board of the peer reviewed book series Adamantiana, Alfons Fürst (ed.), Aschendorff Verlag.
2005 -Co-editor of the peer reviewed book series Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity, ECCA, Peter Lang.
2004 -

 Main editor of the book series Antikken og Kristendommen, Anis / Eksistensen.

2009 - 2012Coordinator of the NordForsk PhD training Network The Religious Roots of Europe: Dynamics in the Formation and Transformation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (https://www.nordforsk.org/en/programmes-and-projects/projects/nordic-network-for-the-study-of-the-religious-roots-of-europe). From 2012 – ordinary member or the steering committee for the same network.
2007 - 2009Coordinator of the Nordic Master education Religious Roots of Europe (the planning phase).
2005 - 2008Member of the steering group of the NordForsk research network Nordic Network of Early Christianity.
 Other Activities 
2017Member of the Bishops Committee regarding baptism and eucharist.
2005 - 2007Member of the editorial board of the publisher Aros.
2004 -Editor of the digital journal "Patristik" (http://www.patristik.dk/Patristik.htm).
2003 - Editor of the book series "Antikken og Kristendommen" (https://www.saxo.com/dk/serie/antikken-og-kristendommen_8076).
1998 -Co-initiator of "Forum for Patristik" (http://www.patristik.dk/).
1995 - 2005; 2013 -Teacher in Church History at Teologi for Lægfolk (https://www.teologi-for-laegfolk.dk/).
1998Public lecturing at Peoples University, parishes etc (http://teologiskværksted.dk/).
 Grants (more than 10.000 Euro)
2018EU, Marie-Skodlowska-Curie, Individual Fellowship, 212.195 Euro, Miriam Decock, Origen on the Psalms.
2016Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, International Network Programme, 35.000 Euro for Network on Augustine’s Antropology with Brazilian colleagues.
2015EU, Marie-Skodlowska-Curie, 3.651.149 Euro to the European reseach educational network "The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization".
2014EU, Marie-Skodlowska-Curie, Individual Fellowship, 200.194 Euro, Anna Usacheva, Gregory Nazianzen’s methodology of theological arguing.
2014Danish Research Council: 15.000 Euro to EU-application.
2009Velux Foundation: 665.200 Euro to the research project The transformation of religious identity in the Hellenistic-Roman world 100-600 AD. The significance of conversion and initiation to the formation of religious identity.
2009NordForsk: 89.570 Euro to the research network "The Religious Roots of Europe: Dynamics in the Formation and Transformation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
2007Nordisk Ministerråd: 124.870 Euro to the planning of the joint Nordic Master program "The Religious Roots of Europe".
2006Aarhus University Research Foundation: 22.930 Euro to publishing
 2006 Danish Research Council: 200.000 Euro to the research project"The Discursive Fight over Religious Texts".
2006Aarhus University Research Foundation: 46.670 Euro to visiting professors (together with the Dean of the Faculty of Theology).
2006Aarhus University Research Foundation: 26.670 Euro to the conference "Jews, Christians and Pagans in Antiquity - Critique and Apologetics.
2004Aarhus University Research Foundation: 57.870 Euro to a postdoc-scholarship in the research projectt "Jøder, Hedninger og Kristne i Antikken".
2004Aarhus University Research Foundation: 13.545 Euro to conference and publishing.
2003Carlsberg Foundation: 56.055 Euro, personal postdoc-scholarship.
2002Carlsberg Foundation: 64225 Euro, personal postdoc-scholarship.
2001Carlsberg Foundation: 52.395 Euro, personal postdoc-scholarship.
Leader of international conferences 
2013The 11th international conference on Origen studies: Colloquium Origenianum Undecimum 'Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought'.
2010Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation: Discursive Fights over Religious Traditions in Antiquity.
2009Constructing religious identities: space and texts in Pagan, Jewish, and Christian Near East AD 100-400 (sammen med Rubina Raja).
2007Jews, Christians and Pagans in Antiquity - Critique and Apologetics.
2005The Reception of Antique Religion and Culture in Judaism and Christianity.
 Supervision of PhD-students 
2017 - 2019Valeria Dessey: Origen and the modern Protestant tradition.
2016 - 2019Laurel Lied: Origen reception in Danish and German Pietistic devotional literature.
2016 - 2019 Michael Raubach: Origen and the modern protestant tradition.
2016 - 2019 Renze Klamer: The values of individual freedom and dignity in modern organizations (together with Christina Busk, Etikos).
2015 - 2019 

Christian Hout Vrangbæk: Det nye menneske - Erasmus af Rotterdams antropologi i lyset af hans reception af Origenes.

2013 - 2015Erin Jeanne Wright: Secrecy and the Gospels: the literary shape and function of Secrecy narratives in Mark, John, and Thomas.
2011 - 2015 Maria Munkholt Christensen: De oratione. An investigation into the importance of prayer for the formation of Christian identity in antiquity.
2010 - 2013 Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen: Drama as an expression of theology.
2007-2011 Thorsten Rørbæk: Accounts of healing in fourth century Christian vitae with special focus on Athanasius Vita Antonii and Jeromes Vita Hillarionis.
2007 - 2013 (parttime) Kjeld Slot Nielsen: Gud som værnsmagt og som person i K.E. Løgstrups sene teologi og i nyere trinitarisk teologi.
 2007 - 2009Gitte Lønstrup: Memory and oblivion: Roman past and Constantinopolitan present (324-565).
 Co-supervision of a number of visiting PhD students and Phd students at other institutions.



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