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Anders Mosbech

!!Seniorforsker, Head of Research and Advisory, Senior Researcher


Key qualifications 
Long experience as project manager for environmental impact studies. Has acted as advisor to the regulatory agencies in the Danish and Greenland governments, participated in international working groups and conducted ecological research on seabirds, geese, muskoxen, marine mammals and vegetation.
 Logical Framework Analysis. Carl Bro University, Denmark 1999 Project management. Fangel Project Management, Denmark 1998 Miljøkonsekvensvurdering af lovforslag. Kursus i Miljøministriet 12 maj 1998 Design and analysis of distance sampling surveys. An international workshop on line and point transect sampling. University of St. Andrews, Skotland. Juni 1996. PhD course - Environmental assessment and scientific techniques for predicting impacts. RUC, 13-17 november 1995. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Symposium. Anchorage 2.-5. februar 1993, Alaska. Workshop on The Braer incident. Managing the Marine Environment, Lerwick 29 marts - 2 april 1993, Shetland. Course in academic writing in English, Copenhagen 1992


Project manager for the following project(s):

 AMAP Oil assessment
 Baseline studies of seabirds and marine mammals in Greenland
 Kongeederfugl Nordnorge