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Anders Feilberg

Professor, Head of section


PhD in Chemistry, University of Southern Denmark. Thesis: Atmospheric Chemistry of Polycylic Aromatic Compounds with Special Emphasis on Nitro Derivatives. Carried out at Risø National Laboratory.

M.Sc.in Chemistry and Environmental Biology, Roskilde University. Thesis on: Spektrokinetic investigations of Freon substitutes. Carried out at Risø National Laboratory.


Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Dept. of Engineering. Leader of Air Quality Engineering Group.

2008 – 2010
Senior Scientist, Aarhus University, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering.

2008 – 2003
Consultant and project manager, Danish Technological Institute. Primary objective to develop online mass spectrometry for process monitoring and control.

2002 – 1999
Post Doc, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark. Project: Construction and application of a gas-phase peroxy radical detector based on chemical amplification.

Research management education

Teknologisk Instituts Talentprogram.

Project management course. Implement.

Research management course. CBS-SIMI.

Research areas and competences

• Analytical chemistry: Online mass spectrometry (PTR-MS and MIMS), GC/MS, Cavity-ring-down spectroscopy, method development.
• Environmental technology: Chemical and biological air cleaning.
• Isotopic labelling for identification of microbial pathways.
• Gas phase and heterogeneous chemistry: Process characterization, source identification, kinetic modelling, interphase mass transfer.
• Environmental chemistry
• Project management.

Selected recent and ongoing projects

• HYdrogen CONtrol for optimization of methane production from livestock waste (HYCON). Danish Strategic Research Council, 2011-2015. Overall project manager.
• BoP-OP: Balance of Plant Optimisation (Fuel cell project). EUDP, 2015-2017. Work package manager.
• Updating and mapping of ammonia emissions from cattle buildings. MAF 2014-2016. Overall project manager.
• SIMBA: SIMBA – Platform project on development and demonstration of small Fuel Cell units. EUDP, 2013-2016. Work package manager.
• BioPunkt: Biological Air Cleaning for Point Extraction. GUDP, 2013-2016. Overall project manager.
• Fungal VOC released from wood chips. INNO-MT, 2013-2014. Overall project manager.
• Optimization of a non-thermal plasma scrubber for odor removal. Nordforsk Public Private Partnership, 2010-2014.
• FUTUREMILQ. Innovation Consortium, 2012-2016.
• Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Air Cleaning. AU, 2011-2015. Overall project manager.
• Olfactometry and Chemical Analysis for Development of Odour Abatement Technologies. GUDP, 2011-2015. Overall project manager.
• CEBONA: Cost-effective biofilters for odour nuisance abatement in pig production. Danish Strategic Research Council, 2009-2012. Overall project manager.
• Ozone system for reduction of odour and preservation of nitrogen in manure. Innovation project, Danish Food Industry Agency, 2008-2010. Overall project manager.

International collaboration

Kei Toda: University of Kumamoto, Japan (BoP-OP)
Marcell Nikolausz: UFZ Helmholz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, Leipzig, Germany (HYCON)
Frank Keppler and Daniela Polag: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry at Mainz, Germany (HYCON)
Nico Ogink: Wageningen University Research, the Netherlands (Several projects)
Herman van Langenhove: University of Ghent, Belgium (Biopunkt)
Marc Deshusses: Duke University, USA (CEBONA)
Jon Are Beukes: Applied Plasma Physics, Norway (Nordforsk PPP)

Industrial collaboration

All projects mentioned above include industrial collaboration with e.g. SKOV, Novozymes, Xergi, Dantherm Power, SEGES, Weber Saint-Gobain, MT Højgaard, Verdo, Danish Technological Institute.

Other tasks

Reviewer for several journals e.g.: Environmental Science & Technology, Atmospheric Environment, Chemosphere, Chemical Engineering Journal, Environmental Technology, Journal of Environmental Quality.Member of MELT: Expert panel on Air Cleaning, Danish Environmental Protection Agency.Member of Atmospherica – AU network on atmospheric aerosols.Chairman of the Study Board for Aarhus School of Engineering and Department of Engineering.