Anders Børglum

MD, PhD, Professor


Anders Børglum is Professor of Medical Genetics and Chair of Personalized Medicine Research at Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University (AU). He is also Director of Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Leader of Aarhus Genome-data Center and Chair of the Personalized Medicine Network, AU.

His research focuses on identifying genes that confer risk or resilience to psychiatric disorders, functional characterization of the identified genes and translating the genetic insights to advance precision medicine in psychiatry. The research involves large-scale genomics studies of tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals, analyzing comprehensive multidimensional health and biological omics data.

Anders Børglum was the first Scientific Director and main applicant of the initial iPSYCH proposal on integrative psychiatric research, describing the main aims and overall activities for 9 years (2012-21). iPSYCH has established one of the largest psychiatric genetic projects in the world with a database comprising genetic data on practically all individuals diagnosed with 6 major psychiatric disorders born in Denmark since 1981, cross-linked with comprehensive health-related data from the Danish registers. The scientific output from this program as of November 2021 included >950 papers, cited >37,000 times (WoS). More information on iPSYCH at:; and video from the opening ceremony (in Danish) at:

In addition to his roles at AU, Anders Børglum is deeply engaged in the international Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC), serving as Chair of the PGC Autism Group, member of the PGC Coordinating Committee and active in several PGC disorder groups.

Anders Børglum has led or co-led large genome-wide studies of major psychiatric disorders, including autism, ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, schizophrenia, depression and cannabis use disorder, identifying the first common (and rare) risk variants for several of these disorders. His team has contributed to numerous other studies of mental disorders. The highly influential papers provide novel understanding of etiologies, biological underpinnings and the remarkable genetic overlap across disorders (see 10 selected papers below).

CV (short) for ANDERS D. BØRGLUM, MD, PhD

1990 Diploma in Medical Science from Aarhus University (AU).
1991 Medical Doctor (MD) from AU.
1996 PhD in Human Genetics from AU.
1996 “B-authorization” to conduct independent medical practice.

1989-90 Pre-graduate Research Fellow at Institute of Human Genetics, AU.
1991-95 Research Assistant, Institute of Human Genetics, AU.
1995-96 Internship, Silkeborg Central Hospital and Havndal Medical House.
1996-98 Assistant Research Professor, Institute of Human Genetics, AU.
1998-05 Associate Professor, Institute of Human Genetics, AU.
2003-11 Head of Institute of Human Genetics, AU.
2004-14 Research Consultant, AU Psychiatric Hospital
2005- Professor in Medical Genetics, Institute of Human Genetics (now Department of Biomedicine), AU
2012- Director, AU Interdisciplinary Centre for Integrative Sequencing, iSEQ
2017- Director, Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (CGPM), Aarhus and Central Denmark Region

Positions of trust (current positions)
•Chair of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Workgroup of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC).
•Member of the PGC Coordinating Committee.
•Chair of Personalized Medicine Network, AU.
•Chair of Personalized Medicine Research Theme, Department of Biomedicine, AU
•Chair of HPC (High Performance Computing) Forum, AU.
•Member of the Danish National Genome Center’s national advisory board for research and infrastructure.

Bibliographic overview
300+ peer-reviewed publications. 6 patent applications. Publishing in major journals, e.g. Nature, Science, Cell, NEJM, Nature Genetics, Nature Neuroscience, Nat Commun, Nature Human Behaviour, Lancet Psych, Mol Psychiatry, Biol Psychiatry, Am J Hum Genet.
ORCID 0000-0001-8627-7219

Total citations: 32,400; H-index: 71 (Google Scholar 2nd January 2022)

PhD students & postdocs supervised
24 and 22, respectively.

Research management experience
•Head of Institute of Human Genetics for 8 years.
•Center director (iSEQ and CGPM) for 9 years.
•Chair of PGC ASD and member of the PGC Coordinating Committee
•PI in iPSYCH, co-leading around 150 iPSYCH researchers.
•Leader of Børglum Lab, an international and interdisciplinary team of medical, statistical and bioinformatical geneticists, computer scientists, statisticians and molecular biologists (currently 15 members, incl. 6 Ass Professors and 6 Postdocs).

Selected grants, awards and other qualifications
•PI (among 6 PIs) of iPSYCH and main applicant of first application receiving 121 mill DKK from the Lundbeck Foundation (LF) 2012-15. 2015-21, iPSYCH received additional 2x120 mill DKK from LF.
•Main applicant and Director of iSEQ center awarded 20 mill DKK from AU 2012-17. Extended 2017-2022 and expanded into the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (basic budget: 6,15 mill DKK per year).
•Grants from Danish research councils, EU (FP7, H2020, H Europe) and NIMH on mental disorders.
•Several invited talks at national and international congresses and meetings.
•Reviewer for several journals, incl top tier journals e.g. Science, Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Human Behaviour.
•Served on expert panels for the SFI Ireland and the Research Council for Health, Finland.
•Member and among the founders of the Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine.
•Hjerrilds award for excellence in medical genetics research, 2006.
•CEO and co-founder of the research spin-off company PsychoGenetics, 2008-2014
•Included in Krak’s Blue Book (å_Bog), 2014-

10 selected publications from the last 5 years
1.Mattheisen, M.; Grove, J.; Als, T.D., Martin, J.; Voloudakis, G.; Meier, S.; Demontis, D.; Bendl, J.; Walters R.; Carey, C.E.; Rosengren, A.; Strom, N.I.; Hauberg, M.E.; Zeng, B.; Hoffman, G.; Zhang, W.; Bybjerg-Grauholm, J.; Bækvad-Hansen, M.; Agerbo, E.; Cormand, B.; Nordentoft, M.; Werge, T.; Mors, O.; Hougaard, D.M.; Buxbaum, J.D.; Faraone, S.V.; Franke, B.; Dalsgaard, S.; Mortensen, P.B.; Robinson, E.B.; Roussos, P.B.; Neale, B.M.; Daly, M.J.; Børglum, A.D. Identification of shared and differentiating genetic risk for autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and case subgroups. Nat Genet, in press
2.Demontis, D.; Walters, R. K.; Rajagopal, V. M.; Waldman, I. D.; Grove, J.; Als, T. D.; Dalsgaard, S.; Ribasas, M.; Bybjerg-Grauholm; J.; Bækvad-Hansen, M.; Werge, T.; Nordentoft, M.; Mors, O.; Mortensen, P. B.; Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium; Cormand, B.; Hougaard, D.; Neale, B. M.; Franke, B.; Faraone, S. V.; Børglum, A. D. Identification of risk variants and characterization of the polygenic architecture of disruptive behavior disorders in the context of ADHD. Nat Commun 2021, 12, 576.
3.Johnson, E. C.; Demontis, D.; Thorgeirsson, T. E.; Walters, R. K.; Polimanti, R.; Hatoum, A. S.; Sanchez-Roige, S.; Paul, S. E.; Wendt, F. R.; Clarke, T. K.; Lai, D.; Reginsson, G. W.; Zhou, H.; He, J.; Baranger, D. A. A.; Gudbjartsson, D. F.; Wedow, R.; Adkins, D. E.; Adkins, A. E.; Alexander, J.; Bacanu, S. A.; Bigdeli, T. B.; Boden, J.; Brown, S. A.; Bucholz, K. K.; Bybjerg-Grauholm, J.; Corley, R. P.; Degenhardt, L.; Dick, D. M.; Domingue, B. W.; Fox, L.; Goate, A. M.; Gordon, S. D.; Hack, L. M.; Hancock, D. B.; Hartz, S. M.; Hickie, I. B.; Hougaard, D. M.; Krauter, K.; Lind, P. A.; McClintick, J. N.; McQueen, M. B.; Meyers, J. L.; Montgomery, G. W.; Mors, O.; Mortensen, P. B.; Nordentoft, M.; Pearson, J. F.; Peterson, R. E.; Reynolds, M. D.; Rice, J. P.; Runarsdottir, V.; Saccone, N. L.; Sherva, R.; Silberg, J. L.; Tarter, R. E.; Tyrfingsson, T.; Wall, T. L.; Webb, B. T.; Werge, T.; Wetherill, L.; Wright, M. J.; Zellers, S.; Adams, M. J.; Bierut, L. J.; Boardman, J. D.; Copeland, W. E.; Farrer, L. A.; Foroud, T. M.; Gillespie, N. A.; Grucza, R. A.; Harris, K. M.; Heath, A. C.; Hesselbrock, V.; Hewitt, J. K.; Hopfer, C. J.; Horwood, J.; Iacono, W. G.; Johnson, E. O.; Kendler, K. S.; Kennedy, M. A.; Kranzler, H. R.; Madden, P. A. F.; Maes, H. H.; Maher, B. S.; Martin, N. G.; McGue, M.; McIntosh, A. M.; Medland, S. E.; Nelson, E. C.; Porjesz, B.; Riley, B. P.; Stallings, M. C.; Vanyukov, M. M.; Vrieze, S.; Davis, L. K.; Bogdan, R.; Gelernter, J.*; Edenberg, H. J.*; Stefansson, K*.; Børglum, A. D.*; Agrawal, A.* (*co-senior authors). A large-scale genome-wide association study meta-analysis of cannabis use disorder. Lancet Psychiatry 2020, 7 (12), 1032-1045.
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