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Anders Bjørn Møller


Anders Bjørn Møller


Project title: Digital Mapping of Soil Drainage Conditions

Project description:

Soil drainage conditions are of crucial importance to agricultural practices and the environment. They impact hydrology, soil biota, rooting depth, crop yields, the release of greenhouse gasses, the leaching of nutrients and pesticides, and a number of other phenomena. Insufficient soil drainage can lead to large reductions in crop yields and are often mitigated by the instalment of drainage pipes. Previously, soil drainage conditions and the presence of drainage pipes have only been mapped very generally in Denmark. With Digital Soil Mapping (DSM), is has become possible to predict soil parameters more accurately and in more detail than previously. In DSM, algorithms are used to predict soil parameters based on a number of predictor variables. If the predictor variables are known over an area, the algorithm can predict the soil variable over the same area.

The research aims to predict soil drainage conditions and the presence of drainage pipes by means of DSM based on environmental variables, such as the terrain, soil texture, land use and vegetation. The goals are to improve and adapt DSM techniques for the prediction of soil drainage conditions, to produce countrywide maps of soil drainage conditions, and to use these maps as inputs for other research purposes.

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