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Aliakbar Kamari


Aliakbar Kamari
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Dr. Aliakbar Kamari, b. 1987, is a postdoctoral researcher within Value Creation by Energy Renovation and Transformation of the Built Environment associated with the ReVALUE project, in Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, DENMARK.

Aliakbar finished B.E. Architectural Engineering in 2009 and then graduated M.E. Civil Engineering in the field of Construction & Management in 2012. He worked as an instructor at “Tehran Institute of Technology” since 2013 involving in research and teaching activities related to “Building Information Modeling (BIM)” and its related tools. He spent the triennium of his Ph.D. studies for a fully funded double degree Ph.D. program in Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, DENMARK, and Department of Architecture, University of Palermo, ITALY, carrying out an INTERDISCIPLINARY research study related to Renovation/Retrofitting of the Existing Buildings. In this period, he has collaborated with the Danish ReVALUE research project as well.

Aliakbar is vastly interested in performing further research related to the Methodology, Design Methodology, Building Design Methodology, Integrated Building Design Methodology, Systems Thinking & Theory, Systems Approach, Problem Structuring, and Rich Design Methodology, together with BIM methodology, BIM technologies, and BIM-based Decision Support Systems in building design process. He attempts to explore, adapt, and develop new problem-oriented approaches to building design, and the methods and tools that support them. The research challenge is to increase and enhance the integration related to people, processes, and technologies in the earlier stages of the building design process for development of more effective and holistic sustainable design solutions, aiming at bridging architecture topics into the engineering and vice versa.

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