Alexander Schmitz

Academic technical scientist

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Alexander Schmitz                                                                                 03/02/2021
CyTOF Unit
Manager, Ph.D                        


Work Address:

CyTOF Helios Unit - Paludan Lab;

Department of Biomedicine, Health; Aarhus University

The Skou Building 1115; Høegh-Guldbergsgade 10; DK-8000 Aarhus C; Denmark


Mobile Phone: (+45) 4081 3478


Current Work interests:

* Establishing a CyTOF mass cytometry unit for suspension and imaging cytometry,    including:

*  overall responsibility for the day-to-day running and equipment maintenance

*  providing technical and application support and expert advice

*  knowledge base and reagent stocks (Antibodies and kits)

*  Fee for service


Work experience:

2020/11 -                   

AC-TAP in the area of mass cytometry @ the Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University

2010 – 2020/10:

Flow Cytometry Facility Manager & Super User @ Aalborg University Hospital; Research laboratory, Department for Hematology, Aalborg, DK (Prof. Karen Dybkær, Ass. Prof. Marianne T. Severinsen and formerly Prof. Hans E. Johnsen)

2001 – 2010:

Flow Cytometry Unit Manager & Super User @ Aarhus University; Department for Molecular Biology (MBI); Aarhus, DK (Prof. Finn Skou Pedersen’s lab)


1999 - 2001:   

Post-doctoral fellow @ Aarhus University; Dept. for Molecular Biology (Prof. Finn Skou Pedersen’s lab)




Doctoral thesis (Dr.rer.nat), Giessen,Germany


Diploma in biological science thesis (Diploma), Giessen, Germany