Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research

Adriana del Palacio Gonzalez

Ph.D., Associate professor

Dear master students,

I am looking for master students who would like to write their theses on various topics. Some (noon-exhaustive) examples are:

- Patterns of substance use among Danish youth, or Treatment options in Denmark

- Psychiatric Comorbidity

- Risk factors for developing psychiatric illness among children.

- Emotion regulation and psychopathology

- Other topics in clinical psychology - broad.


Student profile:

-        Students who have genuine interest or curiosity in the topic of their choice

-        Motivated, self-driven students

-        Students who make attempts on their own to research and write, but who also know when/how to ask for help/assistance from me

-        Students who are interested in producing a high-quality thesis, and that at the same time are interested in gaining deeper knowledge through this experience (i.e., focus on both the process of learning, and the goal of delivering).

Supervisory Style:

I will help you to reach the more important milestones of your project. We can decide together which these milestones are.

I am available by both email and in person, but I prefer spending our time in person, and leaving emails only for quick, spare questions.

The 15 hours of supervision time are flexible. I am happy to meet a few more times if necessary. An important goal for me is to help you to complete good-quality work. For this, we both may need to work together some extra time (or not!). However, I do expect that you prepare for our meetings the best you can. But like I said before, do not be shy if you get stuck, are hesitant about anything, or need guidance. I am there to help you with that.

I can provide feedback on your written materials at various stages, both content and structure-wise. But again, I expect you do your best before sending me a document. I also cannot read a document from one day to the next. If we have an appointment already scheduled, make sure to send me your documents at least 2 days in advance. I am also flexible with moving dates of appointments if you need more time to prepare.

If the topic has potential and the material is well written, I would encourage the student to seek the publication of their work. For this process, I would also be involved as supervisor.


I can supervise in both English and Danish =)


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions!




Adriana del Palacio-González, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor, Center for Drug and Alcohol Research

Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Aarhus University

Bartholins Allé , Building 1322, room 324