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Adriana del Palacio Gonzalez

Ph.D., Associate professor

Adriana del Palacio Gonzalez

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I hold a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. 

I am interested in substance abuse patterns among youth, as well as in the improvement of psychological treatment for substance abuse. I currently conduct research in the following areas:

1) Epidemiological research on substance use among youth (15-25 years) in Denmark. These projects involve nationally representative sample of danes, and the linkage to register data.

2) Identification of barriers to access treatment for substance abuse in Denmark.

3) Identification of predictors of relapse during and after treatment for drug use.

I also help in clinical trials implemented by my colleagues testing different treatment modalities for substance use. 


In the past I have conducted research on cognitive and emotional vulnerabilities to develop anxiety and depression, such as rumination, the retrieval of personal memories, and emotional regulation.

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