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Fuglesangs Allé 4
2610, S327
8210 Aarhus V

Mobile: +4593509017
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Management, Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, UCT Graduate School of Business

Award Date: 1 Jul 2013

Management, MBA, INSEAD (Partner)

Award Date: 14 Dec 2001

Strategic Foresight, MS, University of Houston

Award Date: 20 Dec 1996

Research outputs

Long-term Strategy in Times of Upheaval: Observations from Ukraine, 2022

Gordon, A. V. & Opatska, S., 18 Dec 2022.

Guest Editorial: Foresight in Strategy and Innovation Management

Ehls, D., Gordon, A., Herstatt, C. & Rohrbeck, R., 1 Apr 2022, In: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 69, 2, p. 483-492 10 p.

Case Writing: Foresight and Culture at Volksbank

Gordon, A. V., 2022, (In preparation) In: Creativity and Innovation Management..

Cultural Renewal and its Relations to Scenario Formation in Open Innovation

Gordon, A. V., Schwarz, J. O. & Werle, F., 2022, (Submitted) In: Futures The journal of policy, planning and futures studies.

Future-Preparedness at Board Level: Beyond the Risk Register

Gordon, A. V., 2022, (In preparation) In: Academy of Management Executive.

Government Scenario Planning Retrospectives 1980-2020: How We Drove Off The High Road

Gordon, A. V. & Schoemaker, P., 2022, (In preparation) In: Futures and Foresight Science.

Memories of the Future: The Formation and Use of Ex Ante Heuristics

Gordon, A. V. & Vecchiato, R., 2022, (In preparation) In: Academy of Management Review.

The “Good Day Out” Problem: Digital Discord in Danish Theme Parks

Gordon, A. V., Sørensen, N. T. & Vesterlund, L., 2022, (In preparation) In: Industry and Innovation.

Combining values and scenarios in enabling an organization to transform: Insights from a case study in the financial industry

Gordon, A. V. & Schwarz, J. O., 26 Oct 2021.

The Trend Audit: (R&R1)

Gordon, A. V., 14 Feb 2021, (Submitted) In: California Management Review.

Unlocking the Affordances of Digital Technology in Qualitative Research: Lessons from New Ethnographic Practices

Jackowska, M., Gordon, A. V. & Neergaard, H., 2021, (Unpublished) In: Journal of Business Research.

The brakes of precedent and gears of emergence: Commentary on Schoemaker 2020

Gordon, A. V., 12 Aug 2020, In: Futures and Foresight Science. 2, 3-4

50 Years of Corporate and Organizational Foresight: Looking Back and Going Forward

Gordon, A. V., Ramic, M., Rohrbeck, R. & Spaniol, M., May 2020, In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 154, 14 p., 119966.

Limits and Longevity: A model for scenarios that influence the future

Gordon, A. V., 1 Feb 2020, In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 151, p. 209-215 9 p., 119851.

Matrix Purpose in scenario planning: Implications of congruence with scenario project purpose

Gordon, A. V., Jan 2020, In: Futures The journal of policy, planning and futures studies. 115, 16 p., 102479.

Escaping the 'Faster Horses' Trap: Bridging Strategic Foresight and Design-Based Innovation

Gordon, A. V., Rohrbeck, R. & Schwarz, J. O., Aug 2019, In: Technology Innovation Management Review. 9, 8, p. 30-42 13 p.

The Effect of Venture Strategic Disintegration and Structural Integration on Parent Value, in the Context of New Digital Business Models

Kum, M. E., Gordon, A. V. & Kortmann, S. C. J. J., 13 May 2019, (In preparation) In: Journal of Business Venturing.

Faster Horses Won’t Work: Bridging Strategic Foresight and Design-Based Innovation

Gordon, A. V., Rohrbeck, R. & Schwarz, J. O., 8 Apr 2019.

Revisiting Mont Fleur: Lessons for Advocacy Scenarios In A New Era of Contention

Gordon, A. V., 10 Dec 2018.

Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Report 2018: How leading firms build a superior position in markets of the future

Rohrbeck, R., Kum, M. E., Jissink, T. & Gordon, A., 14 May 2018, Aarhus BSS, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. 18 p.

Building an Open Innovation System

Gordon, A. V. & Rohrbeck, R., 2018.

Scenario-based strategy to enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration and strategic agility in policy organisations

Gordon, A. V. & Rohrbeck, R., 2018.

Adaptive vs. Visionary-Advocacy Approaches in Scenario Planning: Implications of Contrasting Purposes and Constraint Conditions

Gordon, A., 2013, 306 p.

The Boundaries of Quantitative Forecasting Methods: Respecting the Limits 
of Determinism

Gordon, A., 2011, In: Foresight. 19, p. 9-15 15 p.

The Uses and Limits of Visionary Scenarios: Learning from the African Experience

Gordon, A., 2011, In: Foresight. 13, 13, p. 64-81 18 p.

A DEFT Approach to Trend-Based Foresight

Gordon, A., 2010, In: Foresight. 16, 17, p. 13-18

Future Savvy

Gordon, A., 1 Feb 2009, New York: American Management Association Press, AMACOM. 294 p.


Forward views and future transparency: the Ukraine business experience 2022

Adam Gordon (Lecturer)

26 May 2023

Long term strategy in times of upheaval: how Ukrainian business leaders are managing the present and planning for the future

Adam Gordon (Lecturer)

28 Mar 2023

How to meet the next disruptor (with learnings from the pandemic)

Adam Gordon (Lecturer)

24 Jan 2023

IN-Board Nordic Academy

Adam Gordon (Participant)

30 Aug 201930 Nov 2019

Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research

Adam Gordon (Visiting lecturer)

9 Mar 20196 Jun 2023

IEEE Access (Journal)

Adam Gordon (Editor)

1 Jun 20181 Aug 2021

Futures and Foresight Science (Journal)

Adam Gordon (Editor)

1 Dec 20171 Dec 2022


Development and design of course: ”Forretningsstrategi, værdiskabelse og forandringsledelse” on Aarhus BSS Master in Digital Innovation.

Gordon, A.

Executive Education - Strategic Foresight

Gordon, A.

Gartner Inc. Board Leadership extension project

Gordon, A.


FORESIGHT: Strategic Foresight Research Network

Rohrbeck, R., Bidmon, C. M., Jissink, T., Schwarz, J. O., Boe-Lillegraven, S., Knab, S., Thorén, K., Moqaddamerad, S., Heger, T., Kum, M. E., Spaniol, M., Holm, A. B. & Gordon, A.

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