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  1. Ebbrecht, Christopher Kehlet

    Personality psychology (Fundamental psychological and existential needs, Personality characteristics), Psychological problems (Social pathologies), Social psychology (Group conformity, Group polarization, Ostracism, Social rejection), Society and citizens (Political sociology, Sociological characterization of modernity), Violence (Political violence, Radicalization, Violent extremism)

    • Kammersgaard, Tobias

      Criminality (Decriminalization, Discourse analysis, Drug policy, Ethnography, Foucault, Harm reduction, Marginalization, Policing, Problematizations, Urban studies)

      • Salgado, Sinué

        Consumer behaviour (Decision processes), Perception (Self in time, Self-image, Time), Psychology of cognition (Bias, Perception and cognition), Psychology of culture (Cross-cultural memory, Culture and identity), Psychology of emotions (Arousal and memory, Emotion Regulation, Physiology, Positivity bias), Psychology of memory (Aging, Future Thinking, Memory and Identity)