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  1. Bohn, Annette

    Development psychology, Psychology of cognition, Psychology of memory (Autobiographical memory, life story, Emotional memory)

    • Greve, Lea Tangelev

      Development psychology (Disruptive behavior, Family, Parent training, Parenting, Romantic relationships)

      • Kingo, Osman Skjold

        Development psychology (Cognitive development, Infant research, Object individuation), General psychology, Psycholinguistics (early concept formation), Psychology of cognition (Embodiment, Emotion awareness, Event Segmentation, Memory development in infants and toddlers)

        • Klode, Anne

          Development psychology (Coparenting, Division of labor, Family, Father Involvement, Fatherhood, Parenthood, Paternity leave)

          • Krøjgaard, Peter

            Development psychology (Cognitive development, Development of episodic memory, Infant research, Infants' understanding of the physical world, Object individuation, Social cognition), General psychology, Man and technology, Psychology of cognition

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