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  1. del Palacio Gonzalez, Adriana

    Clinical psychology - adults (Emerging and young adults, Substance Abuse), Psychology of cognition (Autobiographical memory, Involuntary cognitions), Psychology of emotions (Emotion Regulation, Emotional Reactivity), Psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Treatment for substance abuse)

    • Hougaard, Esben

      Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, depression, psychotherapy)

      • Jørgensen, Carsten René

        Clinical psychology - adults (Personality disorders), Background: concepts, causes and policy (Personality disorders), Globalisation, Identity, Lifestyle illnesses (Anxiety, Cultural studies, Depression), Personality psychology, Psychopathology (Borderline disorders, Disturbed identity, Personality disorders), Psychopathology and psychodiagnostics, Psychotherapy (Processtudies, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy), Psychotherapy (Mechanisms of change, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy, Therapeutic Process)

        • O'Connor, Maja

          Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, Personality disorders, psychotherapy)

          • OToole, Mia Skytte

            Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, depression), Health psychology (caregivers, psychooncology), Psychology of cognition (memory and future projection), Psychotherapy (emotion regulation, emotions)

            • Watson, Lynn Ann

              Clinical psychology - adults (Anxiety, Complicated grief, Depression, PTSD), Psychology of cognition (cognitive and emotional processes), Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory, Involuntary memory)