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  1. Zaragoza Scherman, Alejandra

    Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory,, Cultural Life Scripts,, Personal Life Stories), Clinical psychology - children and young people (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA),, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),, Autism,, Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI),, Personalized Sytems of Instruction (PSI)), Development psychology (Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD))

    • Watson, Lynn Ann

      Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory, Involuntary memory), Clinical psychology - adults (Anxiety, Complicated grief, Depression, PTSD), Psychology of cognition (cognitive and emotional processes)

      • Thomsen, Dorthe Kirkegaard

        Psychology of memory (Autobiographical memory, life story, Narratives, life stories), Personality psychology, Psychology of emotions (Rumination, worry, cognitive theories of emotion)

        • Svane, Riikka Pauliina

          Psychology of memory (Autobiografical memory, Episodic memory, Parental reminiscing, Reminiscing), Development psychology (Development of autobiografical memory, Development of episodic memory)

          • Salgado, Sinué

            Psychology of memory (Aging, Future Thinking, Memory and Identity), Consumer behaviour (Decision processes), Perception (Self in time, Self-image, Time), Psychology of cognition (Bias, Perception and cognition), Psychology of culture (Cross-cultural memory, Culture and identity), Psychology of emotions (Arousal and memory, Emotion Regulation, Physiology, Positivity bias)

            • Rasmussen, Anne Scharling

              Psychology of memory (The Function of Autobiographical Memory)

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