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  1. Bærentsen, Klaus B.

    Psychology of emotions (Feelings and emotions as cognitive functions, Functions of feelings and emotions in activity), Biological psychology (Biological basis of Psychological Phenomena, Evolutionary psychology), General psychology (Activity Theory, Cultural Historical Psychology, Dynamical Systems Theory, Ecological Psychology, Pramatism, Yoga, Buddhisme, Alkymi), History of psychology (Activity Theory, Cultural Historical Psychology, Yoga, Buddhism, Alchemy), Lives of other animal and human species past and present (Cultural Historical Developm. of Psychol.Functions, Evolution of Psychological Reflection), Man and technology (Affordances and Human Praxis, Interiorisation of psychological functions, Intuitive User Interfaces, Objectification of psychological functions), Neuropsychology (Brain processes during meditation, Dynamical self-organisation in neural processes, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Functional Systems in the Brain), Psychology of cognition (Activity basis for Cognition, Cognitive functions in activity, Consciousness and non-conscious psychol. functions, Meditation), Psychology of thinking and problem resolution (Thinking as interiorised action)

    • del Palacio Gonzalez, Adriana

      Psychology of emotions (Emotion Regulation, Emotional Reactivity), Clinical psychology - adults (Emerging and young adults, Substance Abuse), Psychology of cognition (Autobiographical memory, Involuntary cognitions), Psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Treatment for substance abuse)

      • Salgado, Sinué

        Psychology of emotions (Arousal and memory, Emotion Regulation, Physiology, Positivity bias), Consumer behaviour (Decision processes), Perception (Self in time, Self-image, Time), Psychology of cognition (Bias, Perception and cognition), Psychology of culture (Cross-cultural memory, Culture and identity), Psychology of memory (Aging, Future Thinking, Memory and Identity)

        • Thomsen, Dorthe Kirkegaard

          Psychology of emotions (Rumination, worry, cognitive theories of emotion), Personality psychology, Psychology of memory (Autobiographical memory, life story, Narratives, life stories)