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  1. Broberg, Rose Alba Eleonora

    Working/organisational psychology, Forms of teaching (Experiential learning >, Leadership development >, Management education >, Transformative learning >), Innovation ( Creative processes >, Creative Leadership >, Creativity > ), Learning to facilitate processes of learning, Philosophy of psychology (Deep Ecology, Eco Psychology >), Psychology of creativity, Psychotherapy (Eco Psychotherapy), University pedagogics

    • Madsen, Benedicte

      Working/organisational psychology (Consultative methods), Pedagogical psychology (Adult education), Social psychology (Applied social psychology, Communication and dialogue, Group dynamics)

      • Ottsen, Christina Lundsgaard

        Working/organisational psychology (Diversity in management), International management ((Cross-cultural control beliefs), Values and Goals), Psychology of cognition ((cultural norms), Stereotyping), Psychology of culture ((Middle East vs. Scandinavia), Gender identity)