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Health and Illness

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  1. Olsen, Pia Riis

    Nursing (Teenagers and young adults with cancer), Public health

    • Olsen, Rikke

      Illnesses and Causes (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyeolitis, Fatty Acid Oxidation disorders, Inborn Errors of Mitochondrial Metabolism), Prophylaxis, Research and Examination Methods (Fatty acid oxidation, Genetics, Mitochondrial metabolism, Oxidative stress/redox biology, Primary patient cell models), Treatment of Illness (Coenzyme Q10, Mitochondrial enhancer drugs, Riboflavin/Vitamin B2)

      • Orlowski, Dariusz

        Cerebral and nervous system (Animal models, Dendrites, Functional neuroanatomy, Gottingen Minipigs, Hippocampus, Histology, Neuroanatomy)

        • Palmfeldt, Johan

          Biochemistry (oxidative stress, Respiratory chain), Illnesses and Causes (Diabetes, Ethylmalonic acid encephalopathy, Inherited metabolic diseases, , Mitochondria, ), Molecular medicine, Peptides, Proteomics

          • Paludan, Søren Riis

            Immune system (Vaccines), Immune system (cytokines, chemokines, lectins), Immune system (Immune defence against virus, Interferon), Infection (Viral infections), Microorganisms (Herpesviruses), Transcription control (Virus-activated cellular gene expression)

            • Pedersen, Carsten Bøcker

              Health and Illness, Biostatistics (analysis of epidemiologic studies), Epidemiology (Bipolar affective disorder, register-based research, schizophrenia), Examination of registers (bipolar affective disorder, CRS, Epidemiology, gene-environment interactions, manic depressive illness, Psychiatry, psychosis, registers, schizophrenia, The Civil Registration System), Research and Examination Methods

              • Pedersen, Erik Morre

                Cancer (MRI for planning of radiotherapy), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Diffusion weighted MRI (DWI). Development and application in oncologic imaging)

                • Pedersen, Thomas Holm

                  Physiology (cardiac muscle, drug development, Electrophysiology, neuromuscular disease, skeletal muscle)

                  • Peters, Christian Daugaard

                    Cerebral and nervous system (MRI in nephrology), General medicine (central blood pressure, Pulse wave methodology, Pulse wave velocity), Heart and circulation (Arterial stiffness, cardiac output, Heart disease in uraemic patients, Left ventricular dysfunction), Kidneys and urinary tract (Dialysis, Haemodialysis), Perceptions of illness (Quality of life)

                    • Petersen, Claus Munck

                      Biochemistry (2D gel electrophoresis, confocal microscopy, immunological techniques, membrane receptors, Protein chemistry, protein expression and purification, protein-protein interactions, receptor processing, sorting and signalling)

                      • Poulsen, Søren Brandt

                        Behaviour and etology (Houting beaviour, Hypoxia avoidance in fish), Ecotoxicology (Copper avoidance in fish), Kidneys and urinary tract

                        • Praetorius, Jeppe

                          Cell biology (Acid/base transport, Intracellular pH regulation, Localization of membrane transport proteins), Cerebral and nervous system (Choroid plexus biology), Digestive tract (Duodenal bicarbonate transport), Kidneys and urinary tract (Renal sodium and bicarbonate transport), Molecular medicine, Physiology (Acid/base physiology, Water and salt metabolism), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Immuno-gold electron microscopy, Live cell microscopy)

                          • Prætorius Øhrwald, Helle

                            Kidneys and urinary tract (Epithelial transport and function, Mechanosensing in epithelia, Puninergic signalling), Kidneys and urinary tract (Cystdevelopment and cellular de-differentiation), Physiology (Epithelial transport and function, Mechanosensing in epithelia, purineric signalling)

                            • Pyrz, Magdalena

                              Cancer (Retrovirally induced murine lymphoma models)

                              • Rasmussen, Lisa Fønss

                                Public health (Older medical patients, Readmissions, Sector transitions), Public health (Quantitative method)

                                • Rattan, Suresh

                                  Ageing (anti-aging, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals), Alternative treatment, Bones, muscles, joints, Bones, muscles, joints, Cell biology (skin, bone, brain), Development of new drugs (Anti-ageing compounds, kinetin), Genetics (Genes, longevity, aging, aging, anti-aging, health, skin, lifespan, stress, hormesis, hormetin), Geriatrics, Lifestyle illnesses, Lifestyle illnesses, Medical ethics, Molecular medicine, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Prophylaxis (stress, hormesis, hormetin), Protein synthesis (Protein degradation, proteasome, lysosome), Skin (skin), Skin, Skin, Sport, Stress (Hormesis, hormetin, autophagy)

                                  • Reinholdt, Jesper

                                    Immunology (Allergy, IgA proteases, Mucosal immunology), Microbiology, Odontology, Teeth/gums (periodontal immunology, periodontitis)

                                    • Richards, Alan

                                      Teeth/gums (caries, dental fluorosis, toothpaste)

                                      • Rinschen, Markus

                                        Chemical stressors (Metabolomics, proteolytic enzymes, Proteomics), Functional Analysis (bioinformatics, Physiology), Kidneys and urinary tract (kidney disease, Proteinuria)

                                        • Romero-Ramos, Marina

                                          Biochemistry (confocal microscopy), Cerebral and nervous system (Animal models, neurodegerative disease, Neurological disease models, Parkinson's disease), Cerebral and nervous system (Anatomy/stereology, Basal ganglia, Dopamine, Functional neuroanatomy, Sybstantia Nigra), Molecular medicine (Confocal microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, in vivo gene transfer), Neurobiology (Stereology)

                                          • Rölfing, Jan Duedal

                                            Bones, muscles, joints (Limb lengthening and reconstruction, Medical Education, Simulation, Traumatology)

                                            • Sandager, Puk

                                              Pregnancy (Fetal medicine, Maternal-fetal Medicine, Preeclampsia, Prenatal diagnosis, preterm birth, Preterm birth)

                                              • Sandbæk, Annelli

                                                General medicine, Heart and circulation (screening), Public health (Health behaviour, Health promotion, Knowledge attitude practice), Research and Examination Methods, Risk and health (Risc communication)

                                                • Sardella, Donato

                                                  Kidneys and urinary tract (Regeneration Renal Remodelling), Physiology

                                                  • Schiessl, Ina Maria

                                                    Kidneys and urinary tract (Regeneration, Renal Remodelling), Physiology