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  1. Thomsen, RW

    Epidemiology (Clinical epidemiology, register-based research, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases), Examination of registers (Comorbidity, Epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, registers), Infection (Bacteraemia, Community-acquired infections, Pneumonia, Sepsis), Lifestyle illnesses

    • Tørring, Marie Louise

      Cancer (Delay, Survival), Epidemiology, General medicine, History of anthropological theory (Anthropology of Counting, Anthropology of Science, Medical Anthropology), Pharmaceuticals (Opioids, Pain killers)

      • Uhrenholt, Lars

        Accidents (Whiplash), Anatomy (Spinal articulations), Bones, muscles, joints (Spinal articulations), Road safety (Road traffic accidents)

        • Uldbjerg, Niels

          Genetic examinations (Prenatal diagnosis), Medical ethics (Prenatal diagnosis), Pregnancy (Cervical connective tissue, Cervical mucus plug, Fetal growth, Fetal membranes, Preterm delivery), Pregnancy (Cervical connective tissue, Cervical mucus plug, Fetal growth, Fetal membranes, Preterm delivery), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Fetal examination by UL and MRI)

          • Vedsted, Peter

            Cancer, Cancer, Epidemiology (register-based research, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases), Examination of registers, General medicine, Health systems, Public health, Risk and health

            • Vestergaard, Else Marie

              Biochemistry (immunological techniques, Trefoil peptides), Molecular medicine (Cancer)

              • Vorup-Jensen, Thomas

                Atomic force microscopy (AFM) (Molecular structure and function), Biocompatibility (cell adhesion, complement system, nano particles), Blood (complement factors, fibrinogen, leukocytes, proteases), Cell biology (anchor-dependent growth, cell adhesion, integrin signaling, integrins), Gene therapy (non-viral gene transfer), History of medicine, Immune system (cell adhesion, cell receptors, cell surface markers, complement receptors 3 & 4, complement system, cytokines, Immunobiology of dendritic cells, innate immunity, integrins, macrophages, mannan-binding lectin, MASP-2, neutrophil granulocytes), Immune system, Immunology (beta-2 integrins, C3 receptors, cell adhesion, complement receptors 3 & 4, complement system, innate immunity, mannan-binding lectin, monocytes, neutrophil granulocytes, scavenger receptors), Membrane proteins (beta-2 integrins, integrins, scavenger receptors), Membrane proteins, Molecular medicine (Cancer, drug delivery, gene therapy, immune therapy, peptide drugs, small molecule antagonists), Nanomedicine (AFM imgaing of cells, drug delivery, molecular sensor technology, molecular structure and function, nanoparticles), Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, Pharmaceuticals (antiinflammatory drugs, function-blocking antibodies, heparin), Signals between and inside cells (cytokines, Signalling in the immune system), Synchrotron radiation (circular dichroism spectroscopy, X-ray microscopy)

                • Væth, Michael

                  Biostatistics (analysis of epidemiologic studies, analysis of time-to-event data), Public health, Radiation

                  • West, Mark J.

                    Anatomy (Alzheimer, Optical Fractionator, Stereology, synapses)

                    • Witte, Daniel Rinse

                      Epidemiology (Longitudinal epidemiology, Trajaectory analysis), Lifestyle illnesses, Public health

                      • Zachariae, Robert

                        Research and Examination Methods (Meta-analysis, Randomized controlled trials), Illnesses and Causes (Cancer, Late effects, Survivorship issues), Treatment of Illness (Internet-delivered therapies)

                        • Østergaard, Leif

                          Cancer (Angiogenesis, Tumor hypoxia), Cerebral and nervous system (Brain Function, cerebral blood flow and metabolism, Cerebral vascular physiology, Neurovascular coupling), Cerebral and nervous system (Dementia, Depression, Pain mechanisms, Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Vasospasm), Heart and circulation (ischemic heart disease), Physiology (capillary function, glucose transport, oxygen transport), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Diffusion Weighted MRI (DWI)., Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Optical Imaging Methods, Perfusion Weighted Imaging)

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