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  1. Jørgensen, Carsten René

    Background: concepts, causes and policy (Personality disorders), Clinical psychology - adults (Personality disorders), Globalisation, Identity, Lifestyle illnesses (Anxiety, Cultural studies, Depression), Personality psychology, Psychopathology (Borderline disorders, Disturbed identity, Personality disorders), Psychopathology and psychodiagnostics, Psychotherapy (Processtudies, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy), Psychotherapy (Mechanisms of change, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy, Therapeutic Process)

    • Keiding, Susanne

      Digestive tract (Colorectal cancer), Liver/pancreas (Cholangiocarcinoma, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Liver metastasis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis), Physiology (Liver microcirculation), Scanning and similar forms of examination (Liver haemodynamics and metabolism, Liver tumour, PET and PET/CT)

      • Kilburn, Tina R.

        Clinical psychology - children and young people (Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Child and Aolescent, Psychiatry), Epidemiology, Pregnancy

        • Kjærgaard, Søren K.

          Ear-nose-throat, Environment and industrial medicine (electromagnetic fields, Mobile phone radiation, Non ionizing radiation), Eyes, Public health, Risk and health, Work-related illnesses, Working environment (Effects on eyes, Effects on the nose, electromagnetic fields, House dust, indoor environment, non-ionizing radiation)

          • Krag, Andreas Engel

            Blood (Ischemia-reperfusion injury, Thrombosis and hemostasis), Surgery (Plastic and reconstructive surgery)

            • Kronborg, Hanne

              Nursing (Breastfeeding, Intervention studies, Mother child health, Primary health care), Public health (Health behaviour, Health promotion, Knowledge attitude practice)

              • Larsen, Jens Rolighed

                Biochemistry (Histochemistry), Biological treatment, Health systems, Heart and circulation (Coronary Artery Imaging, Hemodynamics, Myocardial ischemia), Heart and circulation, Pharmaceuticals (Inhalational anesthetics, Opioids), Physiology (cardioprotection, experimental models, ischaemia-reperfusion injury, percutaneous coronary intervention), Surgery

                • Laursen, Thomas Munk

                  Biostatistics, Epidemiology (Bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia), Examination of registers

                  • Lindholt, Jes S.

                    Heart and circulation (AAA, PAD, Population, Screening), Heart and circulation (AAA, PAD), Heart and circulation (AAA, CI, PAD), Heart and circulation (Biomarkers, Functional imaging, Proteomics)

                    • Lopez, Rodrigo

                      Epidemiology (Clinical Epidemiology, Epidemiology), Mouth-face (oral disease), Odontology (Oral epidemiology), Teeth/gums (Clinical research, Periodontitis), Teeth/gums (Periodontology), Teeth/gums (Diagnostic test evaluation and methodology)

                      • Ludvigsen, Mette Spliid

                        Nursing ( Narrative analysis, Participant observation, Complex intervention design, Meta-synthesis, Phenomenological hermeneutical analysis, Qualitative interview, Qualitative methods in caring sciences, Qualitative Systematic Review), Patient behaviour ( Patient Perspectives, Patient Involvement)

                        • Lund Schaldemose, Jeppe

                          Cerebral and nervous system (Alzheimer’s disease, Neurodegenerative disease, Parkinson's disease), Neuropsychology (Assessment, Cognition), Scanning and similar forms of examination (MR, PET)

                          • Lyhne, Cecilie Nørby

                            Perceptions of illness (ADHD, Cognitive functions, Depression, Executive functioning, Mental illness), Public health (Content analysis, Integrative review, Meta-synthesis, Qualitative methods, Systematic review), Public health (Avoidable hospitalisations, Primary healthcare), Working environment (Biopsychosocial model, Psychosocial work environment, Rehabilitation, Work participation)

                            • Maindal, Helle Terkildsen

                              Lifestyle, Public health (Health behaviour, Health promotion)

                              • Martinsen, Bente

                                Nursing (Qualitative methods in caring sciences), Perceptions of the body

                                • Meier, Kaare

                                  Cerebral and nervous system (Neuropathic pain, Spinal cord stimulation), Cerebral and nervous system (Neuropathic pain), Cerebral and nervous system (Database design, Quantitative sensory testing (QST), Registries)

                                  • Mortensen, Preben Bo

                                    Research and Examination Methods, Examination of registers (autism, biobanks, bipolar affective disorder, Epidemiology, gene-environment interactions, manic depressive illness, pharmacoepidemiology, postpartum psychosis, Psychiatry, psychosis, registers, schizophrenia, suicide), Health and Illness

                                    • Munk-Olsen, Trine

                                      Epidemiology (register-based research), Examination of registers (bipolar affective disorder, manic depressive illness, postpartum depression, postpartum psychoses, registers)

                                      • Møller, Arne

                                        Cerebral and nervous system (PET-effect of cellular phones on brain metabolism, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) - Gambling)

                                        • Nielsen, Lene Elsebeth

                                          Radioactive methods (Cr-51 EDTA, Renal Function)

                                          • Nyegaard, Mette

                                            Genetics (Cardiovascular genetics, Common complex disease genetics, Peersonalised medicine, Rare disease genetics, Reproductive genetics), Genetics (Genotyping, GWAS, Linkage analysis, MicroArray, Nanopore, Next generation sequencing, RNAseq)

                                            • Nygaard, Hans

                                              Biophysics (Artificial heart valve sounds, Biomedical engineering, Cavitation, Diseased heart valves, Genuine heart valves, Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics), Blood (Artificial heart valve sounds, Biomedical engineering, Cavitation, Diseased heart valves, Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics), Blood (Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics), Heart and circulation (Artificial heart valve sounds, Biomedical engineering, Cavitation, Diseased heart valves, Genuine heart valves, Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics), Heart and circulation, Heart and circulation, Heart and circulation, Heart and circulation (Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics), Heart and circulation, Scanning and similar forms of examination (Biomedical engineering, Diseased heart valves, Genuine heart valves, Heart valve prostheses, Hemodynamics)