Nature and Technology

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  1. Schowanek, Simon D.

    Biodiversity, Ecology (Community Ecology, Megafauna, Trophic Interactions), Nature conservation (Ecological Restoration, Evidence-based Conservation, Rewilding)

    • Schramm, Andreas

      Bacteria (Symbiosis), Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Microbial Ecology), Molecular microbiology

      • Settepani, Virginia

        Behaviour and etology (Cooperation, Kin selection, Social spiders, Task specialization), Genetics and molecular evolution (Criptic speciation, Genetic variation, Inbreeding, Stegodyphus)

        • Sottrup-Jensen, Lars

          Immune system (Protein chemistry and biophysics)

          • Spaniol, Matt

            Studies of science and technology (Corporate Foresight, Methods and methodology, Scenario planning)

            • Stapelfeldt, Henrik

              Laser spectroscopy (Control and spectroscopy of molecules by lasers)

              • Stenderup, Karin

                Immune system (Lymphocyte/keratinocyte cell culture), Skin (Psoriasis, xenograft transplantation)

                • Stougaard, Magnus

                  Biosensors, Cancer (in situ hybridization, Rolling circle PRINS), DNA, DNA structure and repair

                  • Strand, Jakob

                    Analytical chemistry, Benthic fauna, Ecotoxicology, Environmental chemistry, Environmental indicators (Biological effects of contaminants, EU MSFD, EU WFD, Hazardous substances, HELCOM, ICES, Integrated environmental assessments, Marine litter, OSPAR), Fish and fish biology, Heavy metals, Marine ecology, Nature management, Pollution, Substances alien to the environment

                    • Stritzinger, Maximilian

                      Astrophysics (Cosmology, Distance scale, Supernovae)

                      • Thiel, Steffen

                        Immune system (complement system, innate immunity, mannan-binding lectin, MASP-2), Immune system

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