Nature and Technology

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  1. Funahashi, Daena

    Crisis and trauma psychology (Distress), Philosophy of technology (Theorization of Temporality), Power and politics (Social Movements), Welfare state (Ethics)

    • Funch, Peter

      Animals (Cycliophora, horseshoe crabs, invertebrates, life cycle, meiofauna, Rotifera, tardigrades, Xenoturbella), Biodiversity (Biogeography, Zoology), Biology, Climatic changes, Evolution (Animal evolution, Phylogeography)

      • Galloway, Jennifer Margaret

        Climate and the arctic (Paleoclimatology, Polar research), Climate of the past (Paleontology), Plant fossils (Palynology), Vegetation ecology (Paleoecology)

        • Gesser, Hans

          Animal adaptation to the environment (hypoxia, temperature effects), Animal physiology, Biology, Cardiovascular Physiology (energy metabolism, excitation-contraction coupling, force development, heart, tissue oxygen supply)

          • Glasius, Marianne

            Analytical chemistry (Biooil analysis, High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), HPLC-MS, Organic analytical chemistry), Arctic pollution, Atmospheric environment, Environmental chemistry (atmospheric chemistry, particles)

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