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  1. Eiserhardt, Wolf L.

    Biodiversity (palms (Arecaceae), plant diversity), Ecology (biogeography, macroecology), Evolution (phylogenomics), Tropical ecosystems (tropical rain forest)

    • Enghild, Jan Johannes

      3D structures of large molecules, Antioxidants, Biochemistry (2D gel electrophoresis, Extracellular matrix, Insoluble protein structures, Mass spectrometry, Protein chemistry, proteolytic enzymes, Proteomics), Blood, Cancer, Cerebral and nervous system, Corneal dystrophy, Enzymer, Eyes, Proteomics

      • Fago, Angela

        Animal adaptation to the environment (hibernation, metabolic depression, hypoxia,, mitochondria), Animal physiology (blood,, gasotransmitters, oxygen transport, respiration), Molecular ecophysiology (globin proteins, protein function,)

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