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  1. Collet, Remo

    Astrophysics (Computational Fluid Dynamics, Convection, Radiative Transfer), Spectroscopy (Line formation), Stars (Stars: abundances, Stars: atmospheres, Stars: evolution, Stars: late-type, Stars: parameters, Stars: solar-type, Stars: structure), The Sun (Sun: abundances, Sun: atmosphere)

    • Coriani, Sonia

      Theoretical chemistry (Computational Spectroscopy, Electronic Structure Theory, Molecular Properties)

      • Drasbek, Kim Ryun

        Artificial antibodies, Cerebral and nervous system (Stroke), Cerebral and nervous system (Blood-brain barrier,, Pericytes), Cerebral and nervous system (Animal models,, Cell culture studies,, Molecular methods), MicroRNA (NGS - next generation sequecing ), Neurobiology (Extra cellular vesicles, Fluorescence microscopy,)

        • Dupont, Yoko Luise

          Biodiversity (Biogeography), Ecological networks and interactions (Ecological networks and interactions), Ecology (Ecology), Insects (Entomology, Insects), Nature conservation, Nature management (Management), Plants, flowers and trees (Plants, flowers, trees), Pollination biology (Pollination biology), Population biology (evolutionary ecology, Population ecology)

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