Nature and Technology

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  1. Baatrup, Erik

    Behaviour and etology, Ecotoxicology (Effects on sexual characteristics, Fish reproduction, Histology/Cytology, Nanotoxicology, Quantitative measurements of behaviour), Substances alien to the environment

    • Bak, Jørgen Friis

      Solid state physics (Channeling, Radiation Damage)

      • Balling, Peter

        Lasers (Femtosecond lasers, Ultrashort laser pulses), Light, Microprocessing, Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Nanostructuring by ultrashort laser pulses), Optics, Photonics, Photonics, Surface physics (time-resolved core-level spectroscopy, time-resolved surface spectroscopy), Surface physics (Nanostructured surfaces)

        • Bartusevicius, Henrikas

          Behaviour and etology (Behavioral Ecology), Conflict (Aggression), Democracy and power (Civil War), Evolution (Evolutionary Theory), Lives of other animal and human species past and present (Biological Anthropology), Social psychology (Evolutionary Psychology)

          • Beumer, Larissa Teresa

            Ecology (Arctic, movement ecology, habitat selection, winter ecology)

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