Nature and Technology

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  1. Horsdal, Erik

    Molecular physics (Atomic collisions), Spectroscopy (Rydberg States)

    • Hyldgaard, Benita

      Ecophysiology of plants (Invasive freshwaterplants), Nonfood crops, Photosynthesis, Plant adaptation to the environment, Plant physiology, Plants, flowers and trees (Ceratophyllum demersum (Common hornwort), Luronium natans (Floating Water-plantain))

      • Jensen, Jens Ledet

        Bioinformatics (DNA evolutionary models, hidden markov models, microarray data), Statistics, Statistics (asymptotics, hidden markov models, saddlepoint approximations)

        • Johannsen, Mogens

          Analytical chemistry (Gas Chromatography (GC/MS), High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), Organic analytical chemistry, Solid phase extraction (SPE)), Biochemistry (LC-MS/MS), Forensic Chemistry (Profiling of illegal substances), Molecular medicine

          • Julsgaard, Brian

            Lasers (Continuous-wave and pulsed lasers), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Silicon nanocrystals), Photonics (Photo-luminescence)

            • Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt

              Communication (Science communication, visualization), History of Science and Technology (Public Understanding of Science), Printed Media (Visual communication, Visual culture), Studies of science and technology (Data design, Information design)

              • Kleino, Anni Paulina

                Fruit flies (Insect immune system), Immune system (Innate immunity), Microorganisms (Gut microbiota), Molecular medicine (Parkinson's disease)

                • Knudsen, Charlotte Rohde

                  Bacteria (Bacteriophages), Enzymer (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase), Infection ((+)-stranded RNA viruses), Protein synthesis (Macromolecular interactions, Protein dynamics, Protein structure-function relationship), Single molecule detection