Nature and Technology

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  1. Horsdal, Erik

    Molecular physics (Atomic collisions), Spectroscopy (Rydberg States)

    • Hyldgaard, Benita

      Ecophysiology of plants (Invasive freshwaterplants), Nonfood crops, Photosynthesis, Plant adaptation to the environment, Plant physiology, Plants, flowers and trees (Ceratophyllum demersum (Common hornwort), Luronium natans (Floating Water-plantain))

      • Jensen, Jens Ledet

        Bioinformatics (DNA evolutionary models, hidden markov models, microarray data), Statistics, Statistics (asymptotics, hidden markov models, saddlepoint approximations)

        • Johannsen, Mogens

          Analytical chemistry (Gas Chromatography (GC/MS), High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), Organic analytical chemistry, Solid phase extraction (SPE)), Biochemistry (LC-MS/MS), Forensic Chemistry (Profiling of illegal substances), Molecular medicine

          • Julsgaard, Brian

            Lasers (Continuous-wave and pulsed lasers), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Silicon nanocrystals), Photonics (Photo-luminescence)

            • Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt

              Communication (Science communication, visualization), History of Science and Technology (Public Understanding of Science), Printed Media (Visual communication, Visual culture), Studies of science and technology (Data design, Information design)

              • Kleino, Anni Paulina

                Fruit flies (Insect immune system), Immune system (Innate immunity), Microorganisms (Gut microbiota), Molecular medicine (Parkinson's disease)

                • Knudsen, Charlotte Rohde

                  Bacteria (Bacteriophages), Enzymer (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase), Infection ((+)-stranded RNA viruses), Protein synthesis (Macromolecular interactions, Protein dynamics, Protein structure-function relationship), Single molecule detection

                  • Lieberoth, Andreas

                    Computer games (game based learning, gamification, Motivation, psychological effects), Neuropsychology (Cognitive neuroscience, Neuromyths, Technology and the brain), Pedagogical psychology (learning through media), Social psychology (Attitude formation, Behvaioral economics, Experimental psychology), Studies of science and technology (media psychology)