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  1. Anwar, Muhammad Zohaib

    Genome Analysis (bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Microbial ecology)

    • Brodersen, Ditlev E.

      3D structures of large molecules, Bacteria (Stringent reponse), Electronic teaching aids, Enzymes and artificial enzymes, Microbial processes and substance cycles (Survival mechanisms), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Single particle electron microscopy), RNA, Robots (Automated crystallisation screening), Structural Analysis (Visualisation and comparison of protein structures), Teaching goals and methods, X-ray crystallography

      • Christiansen, Freddy Bugge

        Ecological networks and interactions (Population ecology), Evolution (Evolutionary mechanisms), Genetics (Population genetics), Molecular Evolution (Population genetics), Population biology (Epidemiology, Population ecology, Population genetics), Selection (Population genetics)

        • Hartmann, Rune

          3D structures of large molecules (Structure of antiviral proteins), Genetics, Immune system (Immune defence against virus), Infection (Viral infections), Molecular Evolution (Evolution of the immune system), Signals between and inside cells (Signalling in the immune system)

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