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  1. Raaballe, Johannes

    Corporate finance (Cash Dividends, Corporate Governance, Share Repurchases), Financing theory, Investment

    • Pedersen, Frank

      Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Debt structure), Corporate governance (Risk management in non-financial enterprises, Valuation), Investment (Investing in real estate), Other areas of financing (Financing of real estate)

      • Merkle, Christoph

        Other areas of financing (Algorithm Aversion, FinTech, Robo Advisors), Pensions and retirement (Retirement timing), Private assets (Debt, Expectations, Experimental Finance, Household Finance, Investment, Preferences, Risk assessment, Saving), Psychology of cognition (Loss Aversion, Overconfidence), Stock market (Analysts, Forecasts, Risk assessment)

        • Kruhl, Martin Christian

          Stock market (Shareholder agreements especially in relation to transition of stocks and shares)

          • Jessen, Pernille

            Other areas of financing (Credit risk and liability issues)

            • Holm, Claus

              Accounting (Accounting reporting), Administration and bureaucracy (Annual accounts), Corporate finance (Risk management), Corporate governance (Board), Financial accounting (Annual accounts, External accounts), Internal auditing (Audit and control), Performance (Annual accounts, External accounts), Stock market (Equity markets)

              • Bartholdy, Jan

                Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Business assessment), Corporate governance (Acquisition, Capital funds, Corporate governance), Financial markets (Psychology and financial markets (behavioral finance)), Labour market economics (Equity compensation), Other areas of financing (Banks), Performance (Equity compensation), Stock market (Dividend policy, Equity markets)

                • Arnoldi, Jakob

                  China (Chinese markets and economic institutions), Communication theory (Mass media and communication), Research and Innovation in the Business Community (Financial innovation and market organisation), Risk capital (Risk and uncertainty)

                  • Andersen, Paul Krüger

                    Company law (Company law), EU law (European Model Company Law), Other areas of financing (Exchange- and capital market law)