Business and economics

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  1. Esbjerg, Lars

    Detail trade (Cooperation between retailers and suppliers, Food retail, Retailers' own brands), Globalisation (Globalization and employee involvement in the food industry)

    • Eskildsen, Jacob Kjær

      Administration and bureaucracy (Integrated reporting, Performance management, Valuation of intangible assets), Consumer behaviour (Customer satisfaction), Human Resource Management (Employee satisfaction), Performance (Integrated reporting, Performance management, Valuation of intangible assets)

      • Frandsen, Finn

        Corporate communication (Organizational communication, Public relations, Strategic communication), Crisis communication (Crisis Management, Risk communication, Risk management), Management theory (Inter-organizational relations, Intermediaries, Stakeholder management), Organisation theory (extra communication, Meta-organizations), Organizational development (Institutional complexity, Institutionalization of strategic communication in private and public organizations)

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