Business and economics

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  1. Thøgersen, John

    Consumer behaviour, Ecology (Organic food), Environmental labelling (Environmental labeling), Sustainability (Choice of transportation, Energy saving behavior, Recycling)

    • Thorstenson, Anders

      Corporate performance (Production planning and management), Logistics (Logistics, Logistics and transport), Operation analysis, Performance (Logistics), Supply chain management (Inventory control, Operational analysis, Production planning and management, SCM, Supply chain management)

      • Thomsen, Christa

        Corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy-as-Practice/Strategizing, Cross-sector social interactions), Internal and external communication (Change communication, Management communication, organizational communication, Public sector communication, Strategic/Corporate Communication)

        • Søndergaard, Helle Alsted

          Innovation (Innovation management, User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market-oriented product development)

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