Business and economics

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  1. Asmuß, Birte

    Communication in organisations (Communication constitutes organizations), Corporate communication, Human Resource Management (Employee communication, , Meetings, Performance Appraisal interviews, , Superior-subordinate communication, ), Internal and external communication (Microethnography, Talk as social interaction, ), Management communication, Strategic communication (Practice Studies, Process Studies of Organizations, Strategy-as-Practice, )

    • Bartholdy, Jan

      Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Business assessment), Corporate governance (Acquisition, Capital funds, Corporate governance), Financial markets (Psychology and financial markets (behavioral finance)), Labour market economics (Equity compensation), Other areas of financing (Banks), Performance (Equity compensation), Stock market (Dividend policy, Equity markets)

      • Bech, Mickael

        Administration and bureaucracy (Public management and leadership), Health economics (Economic incentives), Health systems (Governance and incentives), Management theory

        • Bechmann, Anja

          Data protection, Internet (Digital Sociology), Machine learning , Media industry (Internet industry), Mobile systems and interfaces, Quantitative Methods (Computational Social Science)

          • Beretta, Michela

            Innovation (Digital innovation, idea management, new product development, Open innovation, social networks)

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