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  1. Sommer, Tine

    EU law (EU law), Patent law, The international community (Intellectual property law)

    • Neville, Mette

      Company law (Small and Medium Enterprises - SME), Corporate governance (Corporate governance), Housing (Housing society)

      • Henschel, René Franz

        Company law (CISG, Comparative Contract Law and Arbitration), Consumer law (Legal aspects of mobile commerce and pervasive computing: privacy, marketing, contracting and liability issues), Sale of goods law (Mobile commerce, Pervasive computing)

        • Elsmore-Andersen, Matthew James

          Copyright (Intellectual property law), EU law, The international community (EU- and WTO law, Intellectual property law)

          • Edlund, Hans Henrik

            Housing (Real estate), International trade law (International contract law)

            • Andersen, Paul Krüger

              Company law (Company law), EU law (European Model Company Law), Other areas of financing (Exchange- and capital market law)