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  1. Kruhl, Martin Christian

    Stock market (Shareholder agreements especially in relation to transition of stocks and shares)

    • Krüger Andersen, Paul

      Company law (Company law), EU law (European Model Company Law), Other areas of financing (Exchange- and capital market law)

      • Olsen, Birgitte Egelund

        Administrative law (Administrative law), Climate legislation (Climate control, Energy taxes, Waste control), Corporate social responsibility (CSR reportering, National Contact Points, OECD Guidelines, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, The Finansial Statements Act Section 99a), Environmental law (Danish environment law, Environment and utility, Environmental taxes, EU environmental law, International environment law, International environmental control), International organisations (The relationship between WTO law and EU law, WTO law), Sustainability (Corporate environmental control, Environment and energy, Renewable sources of energy, Trade and environment)