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  1. Asmuß, Birte

    Corporate communication, Communication in organisations (Communication constitutes organizations), Human Resource Management (Employee communication, , Meetings, Performance Appraisal interviews, , Superior-subordinate communication, ), Internal and external communication (Microethnography, Talk as social interaction, ), Management communication, Strategic communication (Practice Studies, Process Studies of Organizations, Strategy-as-Practice, )

    • Sloth, Erik Kristian

      Corporate communication (Corporate Communications), Communication in organisations (Communication strategy), Consumer behaviour (Consumer insight, Consumption culture, Consumption studies / research, Consumption, society and market), Innovation (User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Advertising, Corporate Branding, Tribal marketing), Strategy (Strategic planning)

      • Kolesnicov, Iulia

        Corporate communication (Corporate Branding, Corporate Identity, Corporate social responsibility (CSR)), Market communication (Integrated Marketing Communication), Recruitment communication (Employer branding, Relocation branding), Sociality on the internet (Social Media)

        • Ruggaard, Kim Lilholt

          Corporate communication (Climate change and company communication), Corporate communication (Science theoretical paradigms affecting corporate communication), Environmental communication (Environment communication), Political communication (Political communication, Spin), Strategic communication (Sustainability as strategic communication), Sustainability