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  1. Asmuß, Birte

    Management communication, Communication in organisations (Communication constitutes organizations), Corporate communication, Human Resource Management (Employee communication, , Meetings, Performance Appraisal interviews, , Superior-subordinate communication, ), Internal and external communication (Microethnography, Talk as social interaction, ), Strategic communication (Practice Studies, Process Studies of Organizations, Strategy-as-Practice, )

    • Johansen, Winni

      Management communication (Communication management), Change communication (Change communication, Management and change communication, Recruitment communication), Crisis communication (Crisis communication and crisis management), Culture and organisation (Organizational culture and internal communication), Market communication (Corporate branding and reputation management, Market communication), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Experience marketing, Experiences as a business strategy)

      • Neergaard, Helle

        Management communication (Leadership communication), Corporate governance (Growth), Entrepreneurship (Women entrepreneurs), Entrepreneurship (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Networks (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Women employment (Network in relation to entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurs)

        • Nielsen, Anne Ellerup

          Management communication (Leadership communication, Management coaching - coaching as a management tool), Communication in organisations, Corporate social responsibility (Branding and CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), CSR in small and middle-sized companies, CSR reporting, SCR), Experience economy (Communication and branding, Experience marketing), Internal and external communication (Business communication, Communication planning, CSR communication), Market communication (communication and branding), Other areas of marketing and strategy