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  1. Ünalan, Ozan

    Innovation (Innovation Management), Entrepreneurship (Design Thinking, Effectuation, Entrepreneurship education, Experimental methods, Lean Startup)

    • Waldstrøm, Christian

      Innovation (Network and innovation, Network-management as a key to knowledge sharing and innovation), Networks (Informal networks, Leadership, network, Network analysis, Network and innovation, Network and knowledge sharing, Network organizations, Organizational network analysis, Social network analysis), Organizational development (Network organizations)

      • Vuculescu, Oana

        Innovation (Agent based modeling, collective problem solving)

        • Søndergaard, Helle Alsted

          Innovation (Innovation management, User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market-oriented product development)

          • Rohrbeck, René

            Innovation (Corporate venturing, Technology foresight, Technology transfer), Organisation theory (microfoundations), Strategy (Corporate Foresight, Future Orientation, Strategic foresight)

            • Kure, Nikolaj

              Innovation (Tools for conflict management in the organization), Change processes (Organization development as a social field), Crisis communication (Conflict management in organizations), Human Resource Management (The social "opportunity room" in organizations), Organizational development (Internal discourses of the organization, Organization development as a social field)

              • Kesting, Peter

                Innovation (Business model innovation, Business model sophistication, China, Employee-driven innovation, Joseph A. Schumpeter), Entrepreneurship (Business model creation, Business plans, New Venture Financing), Human Resource Management (Employee participation, Incentives, Leadership), Organisation theory (Changing routines, The cognitive foundations of routine, The interplay of routine and decision making, The meaning of routine for business models)

                • Howells, John

                  Innovation (and theories that patents retard development, evidence on patent thickets), Entrepreneurship (role of patents), Patent law (patents and development)

                  • Grunert, Klaus G

                    Innovation (Innovation, Market-oriented product development, User-driven innovation), Consumer behaviour (Consumer acceptance of new foods, Consumer attitudes, Consumer decision making, Forbrugeradfærd og fødevarer, Lifestyle and segmentation), Health (Food and Health), Other areas of marketing and strategy

                    • Gordon, Adam

                      Innovation (design thinking, foresight, futures, innovation, Strategic planning, strategy, systems thinking)

                      • Edgeman, Rick

                        Innovation (Viral Innovation), Corporate performance (Enterprise Excellence, Quality Management), Corporate social responsibility (CSER Assessment), Statistical analysis (Inverse Gaussian Methods, Reliability), Sustainability (BEST Models, Sustainable Enterprise Excellence)

                        • Burcharth, Ana

                          Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy (Absorptive Capacity, Open innovation, Technology licensing, Technology strategy), Technology management (Interaction between technology and organizations)

                          • Beretta, Michela

                            Innovation (Digital innovation, idea management, new product development, Open innovation, social networks)