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  1. Burcharth, Ana

    Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy (Absorptive Capacity, Open innovation, Technology licensing, Technology strategy), Technology management (Interaction between technology and organizations)

    • Kjeldsen, John Ibsen

      Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship education, The entrepreneurial university), Corporate governance (Business development), Industrial marketing (Management and purchasing), Intrapreneurship (Business development, Intrapreneurship), Teaching (Entrepreneurship education), Women employment (Women entrepreneurs)

      • Larsen, Inge Birkbak

        Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship education)

        • Neergaard, Helle

          Entrepreneurship (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Corporate governance (Growth), Entrepreneurship (Women entrepreneurs), Management communication (Leadership communication), Networks (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Women employment (Network in relation to entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurs)

          • Ünalan, Ozan

            Entrepreneurship (Design Thinking, Effectuation, Entrepreneurship education, Experimental methods, Lean Startup), Innovation (Innovation Management)