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  1. Kjeldsen, John Ibsen

    Corporate governance (Business development), Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship education, The entrepreneurial university), Industrial marketing (Management and purchasing), Intrapreneurship (Business development, Intrapreneurship), Teaching (Entrepreneurship education), Women employment (Women entrepreneurs)

    • Kleindienst, Ingo

      Corporate governance (CEO and Top Management Team,, CEO Succession), Change processes, International management (Distance Research, Global Strategy,, Internationalization Process,), Psychology of Work and Organisations (CEO Perception, Managerial Psychology,), Strategy (Business Models, Corporate Strategy,, Mergers & Acquisitions,, Performance,)

      • Neergaard, Helle

        Corporate governance (Growth), Entrepreneurship (Women entrepreneurs), Entrepreneurship (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Management communication (Leadership communication), Networks (Network in relation to entrepreneurship), Women employment (Network in relation to entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurs)

        • Neville, Mette

          Corporate governance (Corporate governance), Company law (Small and Medium Enterprises - SME), Housing (Housing society)