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  1. Ormrod, Robert P.

    Citizen involvement (Polical strategy, Political marketing), Market economics (Crisis Management, Stakeholder Management)

    • Pop, Madalina

      Change processes, Organisation theory (Organizational behavior), Organizational development (Strategy), Strategy (Ecosystem strategizing, Inter-organisational Strategizing, Open strategy, Public sector innovation, Smart Cities, Strategy as Practice), Sustainability (Grand challenges)

      • Rittenhofer, Iris

        Culture and organisation, Ecology, Globalisation (Globalization and cross-cultural management, Globalization and market communication, What is globalization - and what is not), Intercultural communication (Intercultural communication), Interviews, Management theory, Media industry

        • Rohrbeck, René

          Innovation (Corporate venturing, Technology foresight, Technology transfer), Organisation theory (microfoundations), Strategy (Corporate Foresight, Future Orientation, Strategic foresight)

          • Sloth, Erik Kristian

            Communication in organisations (Communication strategy), Consumer behaviour (Consumer insight, Consumption culture, Consumption studies / research, Consumption, society and market), Corporate communication (Corporate Communications), Innovation (User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Advertising, Corporate Branding, Tribal marketing), Strategy (Strategic planning)

            • Søndergaard, Helle Alsted

              Innovation (Innovation management, User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market-oriented product development)

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