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  1. Rohrbeck, René

    Strategy (Corporate Foresight, Future Orientation, Strategic foresight), Innovation (Corporate venturing, Technology foresight, Technology transfer), Organisation theory (microfoundations)

    • Obel, Børge

      Strategy (Strategy), Management theory (Management), Organisation theory (Organization theory), Organizational development (Organization design), University pedagogics (University conditions)

      • Larsen, Erik Reimer

        Strategy, Economic energy research (Electricity markets, Electricity regulation), Operations management (Behavioural operations management), Organisation theory

        • Kleindienst, Ingo

          Strategy (Business Models, Corporate Strategy,, Mergers & Acquisitions,, Performance,), Change processes, Corporate governance (CEO and Top Management Team,, CEO Succession), International management (Distance Research, Global Strategy,, Internationalization Process,), Psychology of Work and Organisations (CEO Perception, Managerial Psychology,)

          • Holm, Anna B.

            Strategy (Business model innovation, Business models, Business strategy), Media industry (Media management, Newspaper industry), Work and workplaces (e-Selection, Employer branding, Recruitment, Retention, Selection, Staffing, Turnover, Web-based recruitment)

            • Burcharth, Ana

              Strategy (Absorptive Capacity, Open innovation, Technology licensing, Technology strategy), Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology management (Interaction between technology and organizations)