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  1. Andersen, Sophie Esmann

    Sustainability (Socially responsible consumers), Children and young people (Youth culture and consumption, Youth culture), Consumer behaviour (Consumer behavior, consumer identities and consumption communities, Consumption, Creative, qualitative methods, CSR and consumer behavior), Corporate social responsibility (CSR and brand management), Experience economy (Branding and brand management, Creative, qualitative methods, CSR and brand management, Market communication, Socially responsible consumers, Youth culture and consumption), Human Resource Management (Employer branding), Market communication (Market communication), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Brands and branding)

    • Edgeman, Rick

      Sustainability (BEST Models, Sustainable Enterprise Excellence), Corporate performance (Enterprise Excellence, Quality Management), Corporate social responsibility (CSER Assessment), Innovation (Viral Innovation), Statistical analysis (Inverse Gaussian Methods, Reliability)

      • Madsen, Erik Kloppenborg

        Sustainability (Marketing and sustainability), Corporate social responsibility (Business ethics, Business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Behavioral regulation, Business ethics, Marketing and sustainability)

        • Thøgersen, John

          Sustainability (Choice of transportation, Energy saving behavior, Recycling), Consumer behaviour, Ecology (Organic food), Environmental labelling (Environmental labeling)