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  1. Ünalan, Ozan

    Entrepreneurship (Design Thinking, Effectuation, Entrepreneurship education, Experimental methods, Lean Startup), Innovation (Innovation Management)

    • Waldstrøm, Christian

      Innovation (Network and innovation, Network-management as a key to knowledge sharing and innovation), Networks (Informal networks, Leadership, network, Network analysis, Network and innovation, Network and knowledge sharing, Network organizations, Organizational network analysis, Social network analysis), Organizational development (Network organizations)

      • Vuculescu, Oana

        Innovation (Agent based modeling, collective problem solving)

        • Søndergaard, Helle Alsted

          Innovation (Innovation management, User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market-oriented product development)

          • Sloth, Erik Kristian

            Communication in organisations (Communication strategy), Consumer behaviour (Consumer insight, Consumption culture, Consumption studies / research, Consumption, society and market), Corporate communication (Corporate Communications), Innovation (User-driven innovation), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Advertising, Corporate Branding, Tribal marketing), Strategy (Strategic planning)

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