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  1. Bech, Mickael

    Administration and bureaucracy (Public management and leadership), Health economics (Economic incentives), Health systems (Governance and incentives), Management theory

    • Binderkrantz, Anne Skorkjær

      Administration and bureaucracy (Corporatisme, Governing by Contracts, The interaction between politicians and civil serv), Elections and voters (Elections in the media), Non-governmental organisations (Corporatism, Pluralism, Strategies of Influence)

      • Christensen, Julian

        Administration and bureaucracy (Behavioral Public Administration; , Performance management in the public sector;), Benchmarking (Interpretation of performance information;, Psychology of performance management;), Quantitative Methods (Experimental research in Public Administration;, Laboratory experiments;, Survey experiments;)

        • Christensen, Jørgen Grønnegård

          Administration and bureaucracy (Bureaucratic autonomy, EU regulation, Regulatory administration, The interaction between politicians and civil serv), The state

          • Larsen, Morten Hjortskov

            Administration and bureaucracy (Performance management), Citizen involvement (Citizen Satisfaction)