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  1. Bech, Mickael

    Administration and bureaucracy (Public management and leadership), Health economics (Economic incentives), Health systems (Governance and incentives), Management theory

    • Binderkrantz, Anne Skorkjær

      Administration and bureaucracy (Corporatisme, Governing by Contracts, The interaction between politicians and civil serv), Elections and voters (Elections in the media), Non-governmental organisations (Corporatism, Pluralism, Strategies of Influence)

      • Bækgaard, Martin

        Municipalities (Local parties, Politician spending preferences, School closures, Standing committees, The interplay between politicians and bureaucrats), Organisation theory, Other areas of organisation (Organizational structures in Danish municipalities, The local government reform, The preferences of politicians and bureaucrats), Quantitative Methods (Agent-based modelling, Multi level analysis)

        • Christensen, Julian

          Administration and bureaucracy (Behavioral Public Administration; , Performance management in the public sector;), Benchmarking (Interpretation of performance information;, Psychology of performance management;), Quantitative Methods (Experimental research in Public Administration;, Laboratory experiments;, Survey experiments;)

          • Christensen, Jørgen Grønnegård

            Administration and bureaucracy (Bureaucratic autonomy, EU regulation, Regulatory administration, The interaction between politicians and civil serv), The state

            • Elklit, Jørgen

              Development of states (democratic legitimacy, democratisation, elections and democratic development), Elections and voters (democracy assessment, election administration quality assessment, local party systems, Turnout), Electoral systems, Political history (electoral system development)

              • Gøtzsche-Astrup, Johan

                Citizen involvement (Political movements, Riots), Political history (Modern European history), Society and citizens (Civil society, Governmentality), The individual, The state (Political control, Social control), UK

                • Larsen, Morten Hjortskov

                  Administration and bureaucracy (Performance management), Citizen involvement (Citizen Satisfaction)

                  • Skjæveland, Asbjørn

                    Democracy and power (Coalition Formation in the Danish Parliament, Party Cohesion in the Danish Parliament), Municipalities (Coalition Formation, Party Cohesion)