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  1. Beach, Derek

    The EU and Europe (Constitutional Treaty, ECJ - judicial integration, EU institutions, Euro and referendums, Lisbon Treaty, public opinion EU, Referendums), Elections and voters (EU public opinion, Referendums), International organisations (International courts), Research Methods, The international community (Election campaigns, US Foreign Policy, US presidential election)

    • Johannsen, Lars Vinther

      The EU and Europe (enlargement, State capacity), Baltic states (corruption, political development), Concept of democracy (corruption, Presidentialism), Development of states (authoritarian rule, Corruption, Democratization), Ideology and attitudes, International organisations, Soviet Union (Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

      • Pedersen, Karin Hilmer

        The EU and Europe (europeanization, Institutional Theory), Development of states (The responsive state), Environmental law (climate policy), Sociology of law (access to justice, corruption, private sector corruption, public administration)