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  1. Sørensen, Georg

    The international community (Democracy and development, Prospects for a liberal world order, The transformation of the state, effects on IR)

    • Mozaffari, Mehdi

      The international community (Globalisation and civilisations), Schools of Philosophy and Philosophers (Islamism, Political ideologies and regimes, totalitarianism), Security (Global terrorism, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf)

      • Knudsen, Tonny Brems

        The international community (Humanitarian Intervention, International humanitarian law, International order (and justice), International trusteeship - peacebuilding, Sovereignty and national self-determination, The use of force in international law, The use of force in international politics), Denmark and the world (Danish foreign and security policy), International organisations (International Criminal Court, United Nations), Security (International sikkerhed og verdensorden)

        • Beach, Derek

          The international community (Election campaigns, US Foreign Policy, US presidential election), Elections and voters (EU public opinion, Referendums), International organisations (International courts), Research Methods, The EU and Europe (Constitutional Treaty, ECJ - judicial integration, EU institutions, Euro and referendums, Lisbon Treaty, public opinion EU, Referendums)