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  1. Bisgaard, Martin

    Ideology and attitudes (Public Opinion Formation), Elections and voters (Political Psychology), Quantitative Methods

    • Bor, Alexander

      Ideology and attitudes (Political Hostility, Political Psychology, Political Trust), Quantitative Methods (Experimental methods), [Statistik] (Causal inference)

      • Johannsen, Lars

        Ideology and attitudes, Baltic states (corruption, political development), Concept of democracy (corruption, Presidentialism), Development of states (authoritarian rule, Corruption, Democratization), International organisations, Soviet Union (Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), The EU and Europe (enlargement, State capacity), Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

        • Laustsen, Carsten Bagge

          Ideology and attitudes (Political ideologies and ideology analysis), Conflict (Terrorism and the fight against terrorism), Critical theory (Poststructuralism), Power and politics (the political theory of power), Religion and politics (Relgion and the politics of security), Violence (Violence in war)

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